Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Miles of I-Cord

It's funny----- here I am thrilled to be doing fun knitting apres Pi and I end up with MILES of I-Cord from two projects. It figures! Luckily I don't hate I-Cord and actually always find it so clever, but faced with nothin' but cord is daunting! The B4 had 4 lengths of I-Cord for the handles and the Noro sweater starts with it (and keeps it going!)

The B4 Bag is OFF the needles and I'm loving it.

Unfelted but smiling! The bobbles are just darling!

I did not (shame on me) bead it while knitting because I got to that spot and found that my yarn would not suck in enough to go through the beads. Unthinkable to WAIT for more beads to arrive, that would show patience and maturity! HA! No worries, I will add beads later after blocking. I am finding that after felting today the bag is not as stiff as I would like and I'm considering giving it another hot water bath and felting a bit more. I had some small worries about how the yarns would play nicely together since I did use 3 different yarns, but they blocked very nicely together today, so now just to decide if I want to repeat the process.

Aren't the colors great? I love them!

The reddish brown at the bottom is the base of the bag, once felted it is not seen at all.

I am actually switching the positioning of beads and buttons. I'll put the beads on the green/purple section and the buttons (which are great) on the coral section.

I just want it DONE! All this from a woman so impatient that she couldn't wait a week for beads so I guess I understand it. I didn't say I liked the trait--- just that I understand it!

The oil had to be changed today in the car and how much more fun can you possibly have when it is 104 degrees F. than to go out in the heat and suffer through this fun ordeal? I did at least toss some knitting in my bag to keep me company while I waited. The upside was not having to answer the phone or sit in front of the computer working on wedding albums-- in other words it actually was nice to get away, no matter where! I had my sock and it's little chart happily enlarged and living on my KnitPicks chart keeper (LOVE IT!) but I didn't get to it at all. Instead I read a couple of chapters while I got cool enough to consider holding wool in my hands and then I (being the dutifully good girl that I am) knit my gauge sample of the Noro. It is my first experience with Noro and I'm not sure I totally love it! Maybe it is the thick-thin thing or maybe gauge is just making me cranky (go figure). I can't wait to get into the actual project but I need to consider the swatch (math oh boy--- must be why I sometimes am less than vigilant about gauge swatch anyway!) and then knit the first mile of the I-Cord that this sweater is knit on.

Ravelry has gotten precious little of my attention, mostly I'm feeling like a bozo because I can't figure out how to bring my photos into Ravelry from Flickr, it says drag and drop but neither of those options seem to be working out as I intend. Regardless, it is fabulous and has the feel of a wonderful guild meeting with endless show and tell and lots of incredible inspiration.

Can my new motto be CORD ON for the moment?


dana said...

bag looks great. it's funny, our bags look like sisters. i am still fussing about with the lining for mine. are you going line?

Jenni said...

I love the bag!!!

Jen said...

Come on over to the Help! forum for Flickr help. It won't be from me :) as I don't have a working digital camera right now, but there's been plenty of Flickr questions so there's bound to be people who can help you, or at least tell you it's a known bug. I'm booksherpa on Ravelry, btw.