Saturday, August 25, 2007

Knit Together--Thanks Debbie!

As my mother used to say it is simply hotter than seven hundred dollars! I have no more idea now than I did then what heat and money had to do with each other. That said, it is stinkin' hot. When I walked this morning I thought I was going to sweat myself into a puddle.

I did manage to wrangle the day off, no brides to pamper and watch over just the wedding show tomorrow so I thought that was fair. And why? I will tell anyone who listens that Debbie Macomber is the reason I got back into knitting seriously after my Hawaii Hiatus. Personally if someone were to ask me I'd have to say that Debbie was the Pied Piper of knitting fiction and her Blossom Street series was, and is that for me. I simply loved the first book, and the subsequent ones and when I read them I heard the clarion call---- the trumpets from above as it were---- Get Knittin'! I haven't looked back.

A very gracious lady!

So when I heard several months ago that she was going to be in St. Louis (okay a suburb of) today I booked myself out of the studio in order to go see her. She was in town with the release of her new book "Knit Together" which is less about knitting per se and more about that Clarion Call thing! Mission statements, dreams and fulfillment to include how we are created for laughter. I know in my heart that because she is a rabid knitter and that there are balls of yarn on the cover that we were created for KNITTING too! I arrived at Sam's with my partner and professional photographer----- C'mon let's be serious I want to look great in my photo! :) Debbie arrived a few minutes early and the queue was already about 40 deep so I stood in line with my book under my arm and chit chatted with the nice lady in front of me. She was not a knitter but I tried to be nice to her anyway. There were people in line with like a zillion books for her to sign which kind of torques me off but I suppose if they did buy them there then who am I to gritch. The chicks with every single DM volume in their shopping carts hauled from home sort of made me want to kick them in the shins but I remained tranquil. Really! After about a half hour I got to the front of the line to meet Debbie and get my book signed. One book, purchased there, single volume! I had my Mitered Sweater from KnitSimple in my B4 Bag and when she had signed my book I asked if I could have a photo taken with her and my knitting. She was absolutely wonderfully gracious and even said that she loved my cute B4 bag (as did her assistant) and was in awe of it! In awe!!! Now did that make my day or what??? I pulled out the mitered squares and she ooohhhhhed and ahhhhhhed over the Noro (what's not to love) and I could tell that this is a KNITTER, it seemed as though she would have loved to have sat down and knit a few rows right then and there. Having a professional photographer on the scene did pique her interest (in a sea of small digitals and cell phone cameras) and I mentioned that I'd be sharing the photos on my blog. Would I send them along? Absolutely! All things considered it was a very fun slice of the afternoon.

Studio work will be madness for the next couple of days with two blissful days of road trips/mini vacations on Monday and Tuesday. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hope to be able to enjoy some time with the mitered squares---- after all it is time to cast on for the Year With EZ group's September project the leggings in Swish next weekend. I won't get to it on Saturday as I'll be on Bride Duty, but Sunday is open for EZ.

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Jenni said...

That is so cool! Good for you for taking a day off!! I love the pictures!