Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Happy Face

It is super hot here, 106 as a matter of fact and the heat seems to make everyone cranky as crap and mean as a snake. Cranky as a snake and mean as crap???? You know what I mean. It was the day to run errands for the studio today including running by the lab to pick up prints and for those not in St. Louis, that meant a trip through the insanity of road construction and highway closures in Brentwood. I managed to negotiate all that happiness to include honking horns, that particular hand gesture I'm not wild about and short tempered drivers just fine. To congratulate myself I figured a stop at the Target Greatland was in order because everything from mascara to paper towels was on the list. While there I happened upon the cutest little hoodie, sort of a vintage wallpaper inspired print on a nice lightweight zippy top, way too cute. It came in gray and black, red a gold and blue maybe. Mine is gray and black and that baby jumped into the cart and said "take me home, please?" So I did. Target is one of those stores where it is legally required to spend at least a hundred dollars, some of which are last moment thoughts that were too good to pass up. After loading the car, it was a $200 dollar day, I was one hot girl and a cool refreshing beverage was the order of the day. Driving through McDonald's for the .59 cent jug o' Diet Coke was perfect. The employee who filled my order was a young adult with Down Syndrome and his smile and happy face was utterly engaging! He was thrilled to have a job he obviously loved, doing something that made people happy---- he put the uber delicious McDonald's yummies into the hands of those who desired said treat. He giggled as he waited for the cup to fill under the automatic dispenser and reminded me yet again that it would be just another minute! No problem I said, smiling back at his infectious grin----- I loved that kid! It made me realize that we should all take such a lesson from life, love your job no matter what it is. Find the joy and spread the blessings. Can I get an Amen??? You bet!

From there it was a quick hop into the fabric store because I'm toying with the idea of putting leather handles on my B4 Bag, I'm not totally sure but I think it might be really fabbo! I didn't linger to check out the super cute fabric I've been eying to make more DPN cases, my icy cold Diet Coke would reach a slow boil if I didn't get back out to the car.

Once home I did run my B4 though another cycle to felt a bit more and I think that I like it a lot more-- although I won't know until it is fully dry. My Calypso washing machine does not have a traditional agitator so it makes felting a bit more hands on, the results are slower for sure. It is stuffed with plastic bags and a couple of cans in the base drying nicely, although it will take a long time. I know it would be faster if I took it outside but I am afraid of our rowdy city pigeons so I may not indulge the notion. I mean, it is a great bag, it needs no more artistic additions! It sort of makes me think of the Yarn Harlot's story of the squirrels who steal woolen goods as well---- I love that story.

Patience once more while it dries and I can decide if enough felting is enough felting, and if I am going to pop on the leather handles. Yet more patience while my new order arrives from KnitPicks, the Chrissy Day felting book with the cute slippers on the cover, a doggie knit book that I couldn't resist (Like I HAVE enough time), and 14 balls of Swish to make the leggings in the upcoming September KAL with my Yahoo group. I chose the mossy color of lemongrass. I also got some realllllllly long circs to try the Magic Loop method, well one of these days anyway.

While I'm being patient, and kind to others in the heat------ I will be smiling with a happy face. Life is good, pass on a blessing. It is time to shove back from my desk at the moment, can you say time for I-Cord????


Renée said...

Your post made me want to go to that McD's and get a smile from that kid! I could use it!

Isn't it great to know that there is yarn in the mail? Ooooo...the anticipation!

Jenni said...

I once had to wash a hat about 10 times to get it to felt enough. It was crazy!