Friday, August 3, 2007

Low Hog at the Trough

Yes......................... low hog indeed.

No knitting.
Much working.
HOT HOT HOT outside (my walk was just blech!)
MS3 clue and theme revealed today and
  • a. I haven't done much past the very beginning of clue 2
  • b. I really can't work up any steam about the design element that has the whole list abuzz
Have I mentioned there has been no damn knitting???

I have a huge wedding tomorrow and was SO hoping to be admiring my blocked Pi by the time I have to walk out the door at 1. But NOOOOO, instead tonight (when I finally push back from my desk) I will be entertaining (and cooking for) my partner's Mother. Sheeesh. Please pardon me while I have a bit of a Pity Party over a Friday night pretty much gone.


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