Monday, August 27, 2007

I Watch People Knit

It is official----- two days off, well sort of-- it is a working vacation to be sure but a bit of free time to knit while traveling AND junk food is involved. I would sincerely like to know just how life could be much grander?????

Over the course of the weekend (which was insanely busy) I was talking about Knit Blogs with those of the knit and non-knit persuasion. Knitters and Blitters GET IT, non-knitters require a bit more information. What it all boils down to is (for me) rather simple. I WATCH PEOPLE KNIT! Yes, I am a grand voyeur of knitting around the world! I watch shawls, cardigans, socks (lots of socks) and other incredible things being knit, in almost real time! It is a thrill to watch an intricate shawl of lace and color come together in photographs on a blog, or a sweater or cardigan grow before my very eyes! Sometimes I get to mourn with a knitter as frogging takes place or a project just doesn't live up to the initial flush of desire and is put aside with regret. But always I love to watch Knit Happen! The community of Knit Bloggers is even greater than the Ravelry Community, the current buzz around the needles. Bloggers have been at it for much longer and although there is a cross-over, the blog is the place to get to know a knitter. We all feel as if we know 'the Big Needles' among us, but think of the many friendships that have been forged as we daily read the electronic diaries of the Knitly. Blogging is here to stay and only growing, I can say for certain it is one of the many blessings in my life.

The Mitered Square Sweater has over half the squares done on the body of the sweater, the center section is almost complete and then the right and left will 'grow' as I knit along. Because of the frequent starts and stops that are inherent in the whole mitered square concept, once I get to the sleeves it will feel like a long stretch of knitting.

Happy Monday and Get Knittin'!


Renée said...

Tina, you hit the nail right on the head. I never really thought of it this way, but getting to be a witness to the birth of a sweater, shawl or a pair of socks someone is knitting in another hemisphere or just down the street is pretty cool!

cathych said...

tk you so much for the beautiful package, my son was even marveled by it!!

Jenni said...

blogging and reading about knitting is so much fun!