Monday, August 20, 2007

Miters and Brides

The weekend flew by, as they always do--- and as usual devoted to what else? Brides! The day wrapped up yesterday at a bridal show where I managed to talk my face off, the only thing that kept me going was knowing at the end of the day was a pizza delivery and my knitting. When you live in St. Louis is is required by law to wash down said delicious treat with a frosty beer. Not wanting the How Dare You Police to knock on my door I did my duty and washed down Papa John's with a cold one from St. Louis's finest--- Anheuser Busch of course! We arrived a couple of hours before the show started on Sunday and got set up, thankfully it was smooth and uneventful and I was left to my own devices manning the booth before the doors opened. This time I actually brought my knitting--- having that little slice of time to decompress with my needles was so lovely I can't even tell you. I sat there behind the table and all tucked away pulled out my mitered sweater project and got a square knit. The base row has 6 squares and I had the 5th done before the show opened. The afternoon zipped by, well except for the last hour which is always torture, and on the way home I knit another foot of the endless I-Cord to finish the base row. Square 6 was completed last night after I demolished my pizza and as of this writing the first square in the second row is finished and the sweater is beginning to look like more than a bikini top for a six breasted woman. Not that such a thing does not have tremendous merit--- but not something that was really on my list!

I'm holding the first square knit off the base row----- love the way the Noro is playing off of itself, the colors are going to be wonderful!

Before you mutter geezzzzzzzzzzz already polish the table, that is why in my next breath I will mention how much I need to clean my house. Do not notice that skeezy table please, see only the happy chain of mitered squares.

More nasty table, but HEY---- more mitered squares. I never would have put those colors together in a million years but love them!

The question today is whether or not the dogs get a bath and I clean the house (the Big Clean, not the bits and pieces clean)---- OR if I enjoy a day off and knit.

Of course that brings me to ask why it is that women never actually GET a day off. A day off means that errands have to be run, laundry has to be done, and about a googoozillion other things always need to be scratched off the endless list. It is the stuff of heavy sighs indeed. I'm not complaining, just commenting! I do have far more discretionary time that I did when I had kids at home, and continue to hold in deep respect women who are raising families and trying to squeeze in a slice of life for themselves. Especially when that includes knitting, but that goes without saying!

Regardless, I will do some cleaning (after seeing those photos of the coffee table I really have no choice). With any luck my yarny purchases will arrive today when I am off and better able to enjoy them!

Get Knittin'!


Jenni said...

I love the mitered squares!

Renée said...

wow those colors are fantastic!