Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tired, that's all. Just worn to the bone. And back.

  • Next year I will not pooh-pooh a flu shot. Really.
  • Another cold has moved in and I'm wiped out.
  • I will go to bed earlier.
  • I will start walking again, winter has been ugly.
  • Crafting/sewing/knitting/puttering time has to be put higher on the priority list.
  • Maybe just maybe I won't be so wrung out.
  • I will buy more Diet Snapple in "papaya mango"--- delish!
  • Could be I'll not worry so much about how the house needs to be vacuumed---

And you? How're you getting on?


dana said...

bummer about the flu. i may have escaped my own folly this year.

i go to bed pretty early, so i can't improve there.

walking - check. i think my butt has a couch cushion imprint or the couch a butt spot.

vacuuming always keeps one more day.

feel better.

betty said...

I rarely think about vacuuming

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to worry about you. You have been sick alot this year. Take care of yourself.

Jessica said...

I think starting to walk again is a good idea. We just started back up now that the weather is getting warmer.

I just found your blog. Come check out mine.