Friday, April 15, 2011


AHA! Nothing a little girl wants for her birthday than a new bicyclette! Big Girls Too! :)

I didn't want to spend a bucket, and I didn't want gears. With significant embarrassment I confess to not being able to handle gears on a bike. And really prefer plain old school pedal brakes!! Searching all over town I found my bike at WalMart. Sturdy, old school, fun and rides really nicely. Check out the Big Butt seat, c'mon! After taking this and two other bikes for a spin around WalMart (imagine the fear instilled into many), this bike was the winner.

You probably know me well enough to know that this project is no different from any other---- MORE projects come from it!

I'm repainting my baby girl. I think she's poop brown and boring. I'll be painting her aqua and cream with a few hand painted touches, topped off with a nice coating of glossy sealer. And while I do like having a basket, this basket doesn't do it for me. I imagine myself pedaling my tres chic bicyclette around town with scarf tossing in the wind, a wicker basket on the front filled with a lovely baguette of bread. The back rack extends a bit over the rear bumper and would look fabulous holding a basket of knitting.

My fantasy life is at times pretty cool.  ;)

And, before I leave, someone please notice that my bike is indoors (it's raining outside and the bike needs to be super dry for painting)----- but the floor on which it sits is so clean and shiny that the reflection of the bike is noticeable. Award points b/c it may be some time before we notice this again!


Emily said...

I love it! Is that a cup holder? All it needs now is a bell!

Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

She's great! I agree, the aqua would look so much better than poop brown! Happy Riding!

Mereknits said...

tina, we are on the same wave length. I just a new bike and will be posting onit soon. I love it, and it has a basket. Have fun,

yoel said...

So cute! We should do a bike pannier knit-along!

Caffeine Girl said...

That is a very sweet bike, though I am addicted to my 18 gears. I can't imagine doing hills without them!

And a belated happy birthday!

jen duncan said...

Dangit! I left a pretty nice comment and it wouldn't take. I SAAIIDDD...I can't wait to see the paint job! I got mine in the color I love but I sure had to pay a pretty penny for it. I wish you lived closer---I can't get any of these boys up offa their butts to ride with me. And of course they just HAADD to have those bikes, doncha know. ;-)