Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to MOI

Here at Casita Contessa I'm celebrating a BIRTHDAY today! I'm 57 today and to be honest still think that I'm 30! The years fly by and somehow getting older comes as a huge surprise! I don't really ever say THE NUMBER out loud and for pete's sake I've decided that this is just crazypants.

  • I'm 57!
  • I love wholeheartedly and am completely loyal-
  • There are 31 less pounds of me this morning and that is a good thing!
  • If I'm not doing something in my day that is creative, it's cranky city-
  • I love curry and tofu, chocolate and cauliflower, M&M's and Diet Snapple-
  • I knit-
  • I quilt-
  • I paint & create mixed media-
  • I make jewelry-
  • I sew-
  • Home dec makes me happy & I just ordered a new sofa and loveseat which will spur a new round of fun-
  • I work hard and don't play enough-
  • I love white wine and extra dirty vodka martinis with 4 blue cheese olives-
  • Cooking is part of who I am and even when I cook for myself it brings me joy-
  • Nigella  makes me unabashedly weak in the knees-
  • I'm Mimi to 3 fabulous grandboys I don't get to see often enough, and adore-
  • My kids are pretty awesome and they love me, how cool is that?
  • I cuss a blue streak surely I could embarrass a sailor. No, it isn't because I have a limited vocabulary, it is because I enjoy it.
  • Winter makes me snarky-
  • Spring makes me sail-
  • Kauai is my favorite place on earth and my spirit lives in Hanalei-
  • Santa Fe is a close second, I'd love to live there!
  • My style has always been what is now called 'bohemian chic', it's me!
  • Why yes I am an old hippie, it is the word "old" that chafes-
  • I say I don't care what you think,or if you like me..... but there are times that is not true-
  • I'm a very spiritual person, that probably doesn't fall into any traditional definition-
  • My Casita is my Castle, no matter where it is-
  • I wish I had a vintage baby blue VW convertible--- or even a vintage VW Bus!
  • I appreciate my family & friends
 Hope your day is as wonderful as mine! Please, share a piece of cake with me, I baked it just for us! It may be virtual but know it is my favorite, German Chocolate frosted all the way around with loads and loads of yummy, sticky, coconutty, pecan filled frosting.

Take a big piece, life is short and meant to be wonderful!


Anonymous said...

A very Merry Birthday to you, to you...

Mereknits said...

Tina, i am so excited to be the first to wish you the very best birthday ever. I love all you had to say about yourself and feel I know you better now. I cuss a blue streak and i do it because the words are so much more fun to say. I love my home, and love my family and I also am very cranky if I don't do something creative every day. Have a wonderful day,

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Tina! Thanks for the delicious cake. Yum.

S said...

Happy Birthday!!
I loved reading all about you. Can relate to much of it :)

That cake looks yummy. enjoy your day.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I hope life brings you much happiness.

Elysbeth said...

AAAAHHH! How did I miss your birthday?!! Hope it was fab. Sounds as if it were.


Robyn said...

I wish you a happy Birthday(belated)
A joyous and celebrated Birthday
To my friend(digital) Tian
May she have a long long life.

Kristin Nicholas said...

A belated gloriously happy, happy birthday!

Gina said...

Happy 57 (delete that). Happy 31st birthday!!! I thought I was reading my own list until you got to the martini part. Passed the same line of time a few months back (although I won't say the number/admit it either), and I'm still knitting, dancing, quilting, and being just as generally snarky as ever. Enjoy the day!

P.S. Congrats on the weight loss!! That's a very big accomplishment.

yoel said...

Happy happy (belated) birthday and many returns!!!

PamKittyMorning said...

Happy and much Belated Birthday! xo