Monday, February 28, 2011

Calling out for Fresh Fire

I'm stuck in between seasons, stuck with too much work, stuck-stuck-stuck. In the need for Fresh Fire I'm taking a class----------- online, and it started today. Now.......... aside from giving up much needed sleep, how to really get in there and get creative. I'm really excited about it and am actually scheduling (really) time to play. Whatever works I say. From the creative brain of Christy Tomlinson---- this class offered next on April 11th has a perk or two!

It's "The She Art Workshop is a 3 week e-course but because this is the second launch, you will have instant access to ALL of the materials, videos, PDF's and class content to all three weeks immediately! In this workshop, you will learn how to create unique and detailed she Art girls, as seen in my art and mixed projects! I will also teach you how to create backgrounds, textures, and layering styles on canvases and other surfaces! You will walk away from this class feeling confident in creating your own personalized" She Art" pieces as well as having learned new art techniques you can use in other mixed media projects! "

In other news to catch you up:

Tornados rolled through last night, about an hour was spent in the basement at midnight. I think that emergency preparation kits need to contain more than candles, a radio, water and matches! I am tucking into mine: a simple project I can do 'something' with--- right now that is a simple shawlette. Remember the bag I made for Emily at Christmas? The door handle bag? That one will be hanging on my basement doorknob and I plan to fill it with goodness!

The Eiffel in process is halfway through the second chart, much happiness being had.

I met my sons girlfriend yesterday after a 3 hour drive to Indiana. Actually met the whole gang from sister & baby to mother and dad and even gramma. I was pretty nervous----- and I have to say that I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!! How excited am I????? LOVE this girl, want to get to know her better, hang out with her and call her my own. Yippee.

And quoting vintage Edith Ann I say, "and that's the truth".


Mereknits said...

Tina, first I think you should definitely tuck some chocolate and wine in that bag. You might as well have something yummy to eat while you knit and wait out in the basement. I am so happy you love your son's girl friend. My oldest just went on his first, "Real" date two weeks ago. I was so nervous for him, but it went well. He went on date number two this past weekend. Ah...... young love.
Have a beautiful day,

Elysbeth said...

I love that bag and the photo of her smiling/laughing as she holds it. Glad you weren't blown/sucked away.

And I thought of you the other day as I loaded new sassy music to my DeAss playlist ; )