Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day

Punxsutawney Phil, that cute but reportedly cranky groundhog says (wait for it...) SPRING! Yes, the furry predictor of all things winter vs. spring made his prediction this morning that there would be an early spring! We can only hope he is right! Just in case you're not entirely positive that Phil will give you the true weather report, his counterpart Staten Island Chuck has said the same thing.

Here at Casita Contessa we dodged a bullet, yes we did. The forecast was dire, ice, power outages, blizzard conditions, snow in double digits and cold. All around me those predictions came true. By the light (the very, very, very cold light) of day it's not too bad. The car doors are still frozen solidly despite my best attempt to get around that issue---- and the 4 inches of snow was very light and powdery, easy to shovel a path for me (and the dogs). Under the powdery stuff is a couple of inches of ice and sleet but at least there is a layer of snow that allows walking without peril. We never lost power and jammies were the order of the Snow Day. It was actually kind of nice. I'll admit to not knitting one single stitch but I read a book and a half, baked chocolate chip cookies and even took a nap. I'm feeling like a kid in school and make no bones about not wanting to go back to school. Ever. Unfortunately the downside of the technology that creates my work means that my work travels with me, even when snowed in.

I'm looking forward to Mardi Gras............ St. Patrick's Day.............. Easter............... all things that mean the warm weather is on the way!

Thanks Phil (and Chuck), we're going to trust you on the early spring!


Michelle said...

I didn't check to see what Buckye Chuck said (he may have been iced into his den) but from my window I don't see spring anywhere! LOL But on the upside I've had 2 snowdays and have gotten lots done around here!

Mereknits said...

That is great news even for those of us in Florida, where it is damp, cool and everything is brown from frost damage. I'm not complaining as we don't have snow!!!! Glad you had a nice day,

Anonymous said...

We have had four days of ice, sleet, and snow. We Texans have no clue how to act.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to instill heat envy, but all along the coast of California we are having unseasonably warm weather. After a very cool and wet period this past fall and over the holidays, it's hitting the 70s in the SF Bay Area. And there is even sun (a rare occurrence any time of year) at my son's place in Eureka, 5 hours north of us. Maybe Phil and Chuck were facing west when they made their predictions.

Stay warm, and keep reading and playing with yarn.

Gina in the SF Bay Area

dana said...

wishing you warm weather, although i think you will have to wait.

we are snuggling in with tea watching golf, knitting with the snow coming down in the background.