Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mad Busy Girl

I have new clients where I "guest blog"------ which means that my own blog slips to the bottom of the pile. Which really shouldn't happen but it does.

Needless to say being knitterly, quilterly, crafty or painterly gets "squoze" in where I can. Often in the wee hours.

I do have a finished canvas from the [fabulous] online class with Christy Tomlinson. My girl is below:

the color on that shot is nasty for which I apologize, she really is cuter than she looks. AND, she has a great personality. :) I'm enjoying this plunge into mixed media a lot.

I think cross training the creative muscles has unblocked a log jam, or that's how it feels. I've been inspired to shake things up a lot around Casita Contessa.

A new lamp in the dining room (also where I work when I'm toiling at home). The fixture is IKEA of course, a special delivery from a recent houseguest who knows how to kiss up. LOVE that lamp as much as I thought I would. What has happened since the lamp was up:
  • accent wall above the fireplace was repainted blue
  • rug below the table changed out from black/leopard to a white frisee shag
  • maple wood table moved to the creative space and chairs to the basement
  • a new white table and chairs came to live at my house (or will when some assembly required happens)
  • the two 'head of the table' chairs will be painted blue. They have remained unpainted for many years since inheriting these reddish pressed back oak chairs from my Mom

Maybe 3 rows have been knit but I don't think I sit down long enough to make that happen! And I consider it okay under the cross training rules.

Mad busy I tell you!


Mereknits said...

Tina, sounds like you are having a ton of fun. Have a great day,

jen duncan said...

ooh. And it's all groovy creative busy. So happy for you to be doing all that. I need to get back to creative, too and this post sure is a push. Thanks!

rasz said...

Oh I love the mixed media girl. How precious.