Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What it Is--

So, I think I'm too stressed out. Work has taken me to the Crazy Place lately. I've discovered that while I appreciate lots of new clients and their projects, trying to do it all has left me a bit challenged. I'm re-0rganizing as we speak.

The WORST thing to come of it? The final straw? Remember the Eiffel Tower Shawl? Gorgeous, yes it is. I have spent days knitting, ripping, knitting, frogging, ad infinitum. I could not for the life of me determine WHY the stitch count was wrong. Every time. Frustration was enormous. I even "talked" to the fabulous designer Natalie Servant who tried so hard to help me. I'm telling you I was crazy about the whole thing.

Do you know what the problem was? This is so sad. I did not SSK correctly. That's right, somehow my brain forgot how to process a SSK (slip slip knit for non-knitters). It is something you learn right off the bat, it is basic, it is easy and it should not have run out of my brain. I screwed it up every row. Well duh------- of course the stitch count would be off and it would look like crap!

I've now fixed the problem of my complete and utter stupidity and am happily knitting along. Thanks Natalie----- and thanks brain, I am really counting on you not to leave me so soon!!! Geez.

My Valentines Day gift was a bit messed up too. (insert sniffle). Delightful French macaroons were ordered from my beloved Santa Fe. They were somehow involved in a big ole' mix up and arrived in a horrible condition.

That was the view when opening the box!!!!!! Seriously, these people might make fine treats but their packaging leaves a bit to be desired. Did I eat them? Of course. The thought behind the gift was so sweet that I had to! They were 75% of fabulous. And I hope their is a refund in their future for the condition they arrived in!

Back to it. Hope your Valentines Day was all you wanted and that your brain is in better shape than mine. (which is pretty easy to accomplish!)


Mereknits said...

Tina, if it makes you feel better I am trying to knit a dress. I have had to cast on 4 times because my stitches are twisted on the circular needle. How long have I been knitting you ask, about 22 years and I can't keep the stitches straight!!!!! I think I have way too much on my mind and I bet you do too. Good luck,

Natalie Servant said...

The macaroons look beat up, but I'm sure they tasted great. And with the knitting just breathe & relax and it'll all work out.

ChelleC said...

Sorry about your macaroons. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day anyway.

Regarding the SSK mistake - yes that's annoying, but don't you feel relieved to know there's a local explanation? Nothing drives me crazier than having my stitch count 'off' and not know why.

ChelleC said...

logical explanation - not local. Oh boy. My brain is on the blink.

tina said...

My brain is always on the blink! :) and yes, the macaroons were pretty great. The red/green ones were filled with a spicy chili chocolate ganache. Yum.