Friday, February 11, 2011

Cardi Blocking---- Trip to the Eiffel

The cardi is blocking----- a nice wet block! I'm really thrilled that it's done, it feels REALLY odd not to be knitting in natural colored Eco!

I told her she could relax in the very cold basement on a beach towel. As this cardi is super warm, there will be no beach in her future! No buttons yet, the week has been too crazy to allow that to happen.

Although, I do have guests coming to dinner and have a clean house, laundry done and lasagna ready to pop into the oven---- doesn't that count for something I ask you??

What it really means is that I'd like to be knitting on my new project, the Eiffel Tower Shawl. So far this is all I have................. 23 rows.

That's Prince in the background keeping watch. I've done rows 21-23 four times now I'm missing something and wondering if I missed a bit of errata or if it's just me. Probably the latter. I am going to have to have a really mindless project and am thinking of casting on a simple little scarflette in that delicious spring green silken straw.

I've taken on another client---- and my workload was already getting my attention. My fear is that there will be even less time to knit. (Deep sigh of great impending sadness).

The really great news is that it should be in the 50's next week, I'm thinking spring!


Anonymous said...

Cardigan knitting looks spiffy! I recently read and tried a hint on blocking the front ribbing so the bottom won't pull up. Go put several straight pins along the bottom of the front center band, pulling it down as far as the rest of the bottom. When it is dry, it will continue to behave (until the next bath, that is.)

dana said...

kc - that is an extraordinarily beautiful sweater. i gape with awe at your knitting proficiency and patience. for me, mostly garter stitch.

on a completely different topic, do you notice much difference from vendors re: gallery wraps. i am just about to order a bunch as the photographers walls have no shoes. hee hee. i notice a good sale at aci. so i may go that route. usually use whcc but no sale now.

Anonymous said...

The cardi was worth the wait.
I t looks wonderful. I can't wait to see which buttons you select.

Natalie Servant said...

Lovely cardigan! Regarding rows 21 - 23 of the shawl, that's the start of the lace. If you're having issues with the charts, have a look at the written, or PM me on Ravelry with your worries.