Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A new item has joined the household at Casita Contessa! A SWIFT!!!!!!!!!! I've wanted one forever and ever. And more. Finally, the stars lined up I guess, I was searching on eBay and found an item getting ready to close, placed my bid and was rewarded by a well priced umbrella swift! 
She's winding the gray laceweight for the Eiffel Tower shawl.......... amazingly easy! Anything is easier than winding a ball off of chair backs! 

I still use the Dirter Method (said with full sound effect) as it really does give excellent control when winding a center pull ball. Slower, yes................ but it does wind a nice useful and well tensioned yarn cake!

Welcome Swift, I'm happy to have you in the fold!


Mereknits said...

Oh Tine, its a beauty. I really have wanted one for the longest time. I have a ball winder but have gone back to winding my own. It sort of makes me feel like I am getting to know my yarn, does that make me sound like a crazy woman?
Have a great day,

~Rasz~ said...

That is too cool! Congrats on getting it on eBay too! Can't wait to see the shawl.

Elysbeth said...

Love a beautiful tool snapped up at a good price.