Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Did Not Knit, I Will Not Lie

I did not knit and that is the truth. Instead a patio called my name, a band and beer. Okay a bucket. A warm summer's evening and bbq, a band and friends. There are times that even without a single creative endeavor in sight, life is pretty good! Once again I was reminded that:
a. life is short
b. play when you can and more often than you think you should
c. make time to be happy

Ah, the Bernina! The only visit I've had with her lately was to secure a strap on a bag. Pretty Sad!!! Remind me that I should use this time to take her in for a tune up. (I won't, but remind me anyway!)

Hope things are fabulous on your side of the screen, head down and working over here but the weekend cometh!

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