Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Blogoversary to me!

Another year has gone by and I have no idea how that happened. Mama was right, time flies!  :)  570 posts is  pretty substantial!

On June 3rd, 2007 my first post was pretty short and sweet:

the retro look back:

Another knitting blog? Among so many? And the answer is of course, there is always room for another voice an additional blessing.

The Knitting Contessa adds her voice of passionate and sometimes irreverence---- bits of humor, questions, comments and always honest chatter to the blogging community of knitters---- the Contessa welcomes her Blitters! (1)

(1) Blitters- Blogging Knitters: Crazy, spunky, interested, worldwide creatures who create fabulous things with yarn and needles.

Only a few things have changed---- I still love the Blitters and you all inspire me daily!!! I've made friends, wonderful connections and like most of you could follow blog trails for days on end and still find the most interesting things ever!

We talk about more than knitting here though, it is much more about creativity no matter the medium--- and I love that too!

Anyway, here's to 4 years of Knitting Contessa, it's been a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogoversary, indeed! It's been great to read you.

Michelle said...

Happy Blogoversary to you!!

Mereknits said...

Tina, Congrats!!!!! As you know I love your blog and I am so glad to have found you in the blog-universe.
Have a fantastic week,

Z of ZKNITZ said...

Happy Anniversary!

Here's to another year of blogging!!!

Caffeine Girl said...


yoel said...

Hooray! Happy Day!

Elysbeth said...

Congratulations! It's been lovely to peep into your life and I hope the next year is filled with blessings.

~Rasz~ said...

Happy Anniversary! I am SO glad to be one of your BGC sisters and blogging friends! Your blog is AWESOME, just like YOU!