Thursday, June 23, 2011

Damsonalized by Emily

Friends are definitely one of the perks in life and I am blessed to have friends that are
  • accomplished knitters
  • generous with their time & knowledge
  • good people!

Emily had mentioned a few weeks ago that she had not seen Damson in quite awhile. Well, outside of the zippie bag that is. When I said that I was flummoxed and frustrated she offered to take a look.

Well bless her heart, Damson is ready for me to pick her up from her summer camp stay at Emily's and she is ready to roll.

This leads me to think about the gene (for surely it is a gene, yes?) that means you can look an something gone awry and figure it out. I make no bones about the fact that I do not have this gene. I am only able to muddle about usually ineffectually and past a complete riiiiiiiiiiiip ........... well I just can't say.... aha the yarn over should not have happened here and this row was skipped and on and on and on. I have this problem triplificated when it comes to lace of any sort.

So I'm redecorating Damson's room.............. and can't wait to give her another go. Thanks Emily!

Speaking of redecorating, the guest room has all of the bedding changed out for the big Re-Do. The quilt (a triple Irish Chain I made about 8 years ago) is the spring board for the room. I bought a lovely white matelase dust ruffle and stitched new valances and shams. I love fabric, LOVE fabric......... I could spend time every day in my favorite dec fabric place. Nothing fancy there, a warehouse really but such fun. Lucky me, it's on the way to the lab so work junkets usually have a little bit of fun attached to them. My cousin is coming for a long weekend and the painting of the guest room will not happen before she arrives. Bummer, but that is fine. Her weapon of choice is a Fuzzy Navel and with proper application maybe she won't notice the walls and woodwork really just don't suit!

 ...continuing down a random path, that's Prince above. The dogs have been hanging out at the studio a lot lately due to my long hours. Otherwise you know they'd just piddle on the floor for spite and do that toilet paper trick! I came around the corner and found Prince taking a nap on one of the studio props. So cute, I just love my dogs!


Emily said...

I think she liked summer camp. :)

Mereknits said...

Your cousin will have a greattime because she is visiting you.
Happy Friday,