Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches 2KCBWDAY3

The title of today's broad reaching much blogged about subject--- Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches. Both are questionable more often than not, no?

The crux is organization and the challenge to photograph the stash in it's current state of being.

SO.............. it is all MOSTLY in one place. I do have some scattered bowls of yarn around but they DO NOT COUNT because they are purely decorative, i.e. the colors of the yarn in the type of bowl are there to be pretty not to knit from or to be considered as active stash. Secondly, I do NOT have a huge stash, never had, never will. Probably. (insert grin here)

My stash at present is a lot of DK weight, purchased when I thought I was going to be a mitten machine for Christmas last year. I was not. Hope springs that I might be in the future, time will tell. Then the odd skeins of Koigu purchased on sale, and leftover Eco from frogging the cabled cardi (aka boat cover) last year. There is still yarn left and I plan a bobbled cowl and some mittens for sure. The rest of it? I couldn't tell you. It looks good though! 

Peek into my  "tidyness" (words not actually portraying life I fear):

This is true stash. The DK's are on the bottom shelf--- the top shelf is the ever present coral pink yarn that has tried to find homes in several different projects that yielded big fat goose eggs! The rest of the yarn is all orphaned skeins that for the moment merely take up space.

One of the Decorative Baskets that IS actually STASH.
There are two skeins of gorgeous purple lace weight waiting (I know it looks blue, but it is in fact a very royal purple with a soft variegation)
and 3 skeins of KPPG that don't coordinate well so will have to be used for one skein projects. I have the project, just need the time. So it goes.

One of the purely decorative baskets.
I don't knit with straight needles but they look cute here!
All scraps and snipppets--
and a fabulous blue hooty poo!

The whites on the first shelf. Some of the Eco, a bit of DK, a skein of mystery white and a couple balls of an angora blend. Bottom shelf is a skein of watermelon hued sock yarn that waits (and has been for years) and miscellaneous balls of orphaned yarn, mostly chunky.

My plan (now that I've actually SEEN IT, rather than just walk by it several times a day) is to really make an effort to knit the KPPG into cute little beaded spiral bags, to put bits of yarn and the project instructions into zippie bags to wait for the MOMENT. (Enough Eco in a bag with instructions for the bobbled cowl and mittens) along with each skein of KPPG with the bag instructions and beads.

This will make me feel wonderfully organized or woefully behind the curve, who knows?


Caffeine Girl said...

Your stash is quite modest -- at least in comparison to mine!

I was planning to be a "mitten machine" (great phrase!) of holiday knitting in 2011, but the machine hasn't even started up yet!

Mereknits said...

Tina, I love that your yarn is all out on a shelf. I don't have that room so mine is in containers in my closet. I think having it out where you can see it makes it so much nicer. I think decorating with yarn is great. Love your space. Have a great day,

abipolz said...


Voie de Vie said...

I do like that fact that the yarn is out - very nice. I love looking at my still life every day.

But you are very tidy. Me, sometimes yes, sometimes no. :)

yoel said...

I like the idea of using not-*cough*-stash as decoration! Though what is a hooty poo? Like owl poop? In any case, very decorative.

Jessica said...

You have a wonderful space. I like that you have it all out and you can see what you have and don't have.