Monday, October 5, 2009

Knitting On

They say no rest for the weary (which I like better than no rest for the wicked)---- and as I am weary, I'd tend to agree. Madness I say, madness.

There finally WAS a bride with sticks last Saturday, I'll have photos soon, she was wonderful--- the whole event was fabulous.

And I've been puttering, er knitting, a small bit----

Lots of car time yesterday meant that the Everyday Wrap got some work done on it. Boring as can be but the yummy yarn does add a small amount of spark. I'm about halfway done, this last half is going to just slog on. I'd love to have it done to wear to a wedding I actually get to attend as a guest, a rare and lovely occurance.

The Valkyrie Vest is getting small bits done----- everyone loves this shade of green as much as I do and it is a fun knit. Shaping as well as moving on to the other cable chart happens very soon.

And lastly, I was able to wear Nimbus yesterday to an out of town soccer game. The weather was a bit chilly and this sweater was not only cute but warm as well. It looked really cute over a white tunic and jeans.

The project for the moment is to FINISH the Ravenna Satchel. It's okay, it is salvageable but it is not my favorite. The finishing has been fussy as the felted bag itself is very floppy. A double layer of lining fabric has been sandwiched with super duper interfacing which seems to work well although the heaviness of that layer means hand finishing. What remains then will be to figure out a way to make the bottom firm-- probably a covered board or piece of masonite. The last bit will be the zipper which will make it quite nice. Inserting it is going to be a nightmare. It'll have to go in by hand because of the way the floppy bag had to be constructed for firm useability. Making the zipper secure might be a nightmare.

And on it goes.................


Suzy Girl said...

Love the Nimbus! Nothing better than a sweater that's not only warm but cute too!
And I don't know if it would help with your satchel, but when I was working on the Celtic Tote the pattern suggested using that plastic mesh needlepoint canvas you can get at craft stores to firm up the bottom. I was able to find it dark brown which matched my yarn.

yoel said...

Yay! I'm glad to finally see the nimbus in action! Can't wait to see the Ravenna satchel...