Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost done--

The Valkyrie Vest is ALMOST done, I swear I've knit this thing eight times! The last bit to the shoulder, a three needle bind off (love those) and side seams to stitch up.

Life continues to be crazy and other knitting hasn't happened much. I'm not liking the lacy bit of shawlette (I think it is the yarn which is nice enough but not working for me in the shawl sense) and of course the Everyday Wrap is just sitting in the knitting bag.

I had the opportunity to actually be a guest at a wedding last Saturday night, it was such a treat. No wrangling, just enjoying---- right down to the wedding cake which was delicious! The plans were to have the Wrap finished and ready to wear and that just didn't happen. Isn't it funny that the goals we set for ourselves move us forward? Now I don't have a particular goal in mind and I'm afraid that the wrap will just age out.

Yarn has been ordered for Lloie's Cardigan, can't wait to get it! With luck the timing will be great and the vest will be finished. I refuse to even swatch for the new sweater until it is.

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Anonymous said...

Not even a swatch! That's willpower.