Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bride With Sticks----- at long last!

Back on the contract last weekend for a wedding that included a couple of hours in the car. Location was a winery in a gorgeous Germanic town that included lovely views and the feel of the 1950's, it was delightful!

The bride and groom were such a treat!!!!!! They had been high school sweethearts who drifted apart, each having a daughter. Those marriages ended and they found each other again, discovering that they were collectively the loves of their lives. Such a beautiful story, and they were so in love.

I know.................. you can tell she doesn't knit but she did pose with the Valkyrie Vest so beautifully didn't she???? Because she is so great, I'll forgive the lack of knitterly-ness.

The dress was lovely right down to that chocolate brown satin sash. And the headpiece? So vintage and gorgeous, she rocked it!

Guess what certain Tote is finished????? Umhmmmmm, I'll bring photos soon!

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Suzy Girl said...

I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Beautiful story and beautiful bride!
And a finished tote!?! Great!!