Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So with Lexical finished completely (the last hemming stitch went on last night at knit group) the WORD is TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. You see I knit it in a size smaller, you know, to provide weight loss inspiration. My weight has crept back up and it is time for it to GO! I knew that knitting a great sweater in a smaller size would provide a bit more kick in the land of pants a plenty!

Tight is an understatement. I hadn't had it on and when I slipped it on you could hear the knitters thoughts. ACK was kind. Coming home and looking in the mirror I see that yes, blocking will help but less of me will help more.

I've lost 8.8 to date and others need to join their friends in rapid succession. I'm on it!

The funniest thing is one of the things I tell my brides at the top of the list, always with most emphasis is NEVER buy a gown thinking you will lose weight to fit it. It often doesn't work and what you're left with is a poorly fitting white frock of splendor that makes you end up with photos of yourself with all sorts of unhappy crap hanging out in ugly rolls that have now been captured for all time. ("Mom, why does your wedding dress make you look like you have four boobs???")

I'm hoping that Lexical has its time to shine without those uber tight sleeves and the gaposis in the front. It would be nice after all to USE those buttons! :)

Okay, I'm lacing up my shoes now. Here I go.


Anonymous said...

Strange you should mention it - I do have two UFO's in a size too small. Motivation, you say?

Anonymous said...

It must be something in the air. I am dieting too.

yoel said...

Oh phooey. Lexical is lovely on you, just a gentle blocking away from a not-tight fit.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tina, no one thought Ack! Everyone thought, Wow, how cute.


PS my word today is fornecto, which sounds like a combination of premarital sex and the surgical removal of a useless organ.