Thursday, September 17, 2009


What I needed, yearned for, coveted was a lovely new take-a-long project. Currently I have the seaming to do on the eggplant Nimbus, and the last 6 rows of the Ravenna Satchel. Neither of which are terribly portable or which allow me to dash off a row or two when on the phone, waiting on an upload, or while pacing the studio floor. (Which sadly, I do!)

To the rescue is the Everyday Wrap byJulie Weisenberger. Simple but lovely and all of the different wraps from creative women on Ravelry have inspired me for sure!

Off I went (to Knitorious) to search for some yummy yarn thinking I'd choose some Kidsilk Haze which is called for in the pattern. Arriving in Knit Heaven the colors weren't exactly what I wanted but there were some great look/feel alike options. I chose GGH Kid Melange in a wonderful camel with some tonations.

After a few rows where I must have been daydreaming---- working the wrap in garter and not the prescribed stockinette------- it did indeed make a difference and a big one. So starting over I have a few inches on the needles.

Is that knitted fabric not the most delish? SOOOOOOO soft! The camel should go with everything and prove to be a most happy wrap.

Did you notice that I'm using bamboo straights? I almost never knit without my Denise's, these work very well and provide some 'grab'.

After knitting with so much chunkier yarn lately this happy fluff feels like knitting spiderwebs!

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Suzy Girl said...

That's a really lovely combination - the yarn, pattern and needles. Makes a pretty picture!