Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lexical 99.9% FINISHED!

Finished, finito, yes indeed!

Lexical is off the needles and needs only to have the collar turned under and the hem turned up as well as buttons before the blocking. YAY!

It looks a little funny with the hem not folded under nice and flat and the collar looks crazy standing up double height! You can see that the buttons are just marked and not attached yet. I'm wondering if I want to use black thread or yarn? On some yarns using thread can actually cut the yarn it is sewn into so maybe I will experiment with both methods using a little swatch. (I don't have an original swatch, remember it worked out to swatch and make the pocket linings at the same time).

I would have had it done weeks earlier but puttered a bit with the Eggplant Nimbus (next to be seamed) and the Mesh Scarflet.

All in all I'm really pleased with it! I added about an inch and a half to the length but that is the only mod. I love the yarn, the subtle shine is just enough, definitely not too too at all. My only complaint was using the yarn (Lustra) in the seaming. I do like to use the same yarn in the project to assemble the bits and had plenty of Lustra left over to seam. I found that the long length of yarn necessary to seam tended to pull apart, probably due to the repeated pulling through as the yarn in that fat needle wandered through. I had to 'spit splice' a few times on every length. Normally, I wet block the pieces of my sweaters as they come together, for this one I'll block it finished and flat.

On a note of extremely distant similarity (thinking of Berroco projects)---------- congratulations to THE Norah Gaughan who was married last weekend! Many blessings Norah! (How I would have love to have Wrangled you for a bride!)

Labor Day is over, does this mean that the march to fall starts in earnest? It just might be okay, I have some great new sweaters at the ready! ;)


Suzy Girl said...

What a great fall sweater! Even pre-blocked it looks very stylish. :)
I like to use embroidery floss, (split into 2-3 strands, depending on the size of my button)to sew my buttons on. Not my favorite part of the process but the finished object makes it worth it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that would have been uber cool, to have a "knitting bride" pic of Norah. Come to think of it, that would be one bride who would want the knitting picture in her album.

Congrats on dancing the finished object happy dance!

Anonymous said...

The sweater looks great. What kind of buttons are you going to use?