Friday, April 10, 2009

Do These Stipes Make Me Look Fat???

Oh good grief, moving is horrible. This is just part of the mess. And really, all things considered, it is fairly organized mess. Boxes everywhere----- stages of dissaray. Which pretty much defines a move all the way around. By this time next week we should have started the hauling, except for the big pieces of furniture that will demand the services of burly men on the clock. I can't wait! C*raigs list has been great to sell a lot of stuff---- but sadly tomorrow my sofa, loveseat, and chaise leaves. The new furniture won't arrive until the move on the other end, maybe I should put up the inflatable mattress so there is a spot to land for a week?

The chicken, in it's happy flat-ness. Waiting for stuffing having divided the stitches into halves (minus the tail stitches) and ready for the kitchenering.

Do these stripes make me look fat? Or is it the stuffing? Less stuffing, more waistline? Still such a fun project, love me the chicken!


yoel said...

Ugh, moving is so dreadful. Unless the new place features knitted chickens!!!

Anonymous said...

Moving is such a royal pain in the arse. Best of luck because it's seems like the other end of moving is even worse than packing up.

And remembers, chickens are supposed to be nice and plump! Nobody likes a skinny chicken!

PamKittyMorning said...

I had to cover my eyes from the moving pictures, yikes. That's just scary.

But the chickchickchiken.. yum.