Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long Weekend (for the rest of America!)

I love long weekends, even when I'm working!!!! Well, not so much but I'm trying to be gracious! There is something about the feel of them, even the usually manic television news personalities seem a bit more laid back, there is a feeling of "ahhhhhh" in the air. When I ran through the grocery store and the meat market yesterday that aura of 3 days to chill was palpable!

I'll be wrangling a bride today, a smaller wedding for the studio but they came to us from a family that we've done everyone across the board so it was a must do. The weather should be great, the bride is very sweet and it should all fit nicely into the 'all good' category when it is said and done. With any luck there will the knitting bride photos!

The only photo today is one that just shouldn't have any pictorial competition in any way! The solo peony bush with one lonely bloom----- this is the first year of it's glory and it is quite simply the most spectacular peony I've ever seen!

There she is, peeking out of a rose bush that she is sort of entangled with. (I'll be transplanting her sweet self to a more private and sunnier venue soon).

GORGEOUS! The outer petals close at night, and in the morning when she opens there is the inner ruffle of soft cream, almost like a carnation. The very center is a deep pink softer ruffle.

I confess, I'm in love. Of course I don't remember her name and will have to research it. Next year I hope she puts out more of these glorious blossoms!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

That flower is beautiful!! Makes me wanna move back to St. Louis.

Elysbeth said...

I love peonies. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I actually was hunting you this weekend, trying to find the blog with the "Print the T-Shirt" post. (Actually it was because I had changed my workout list name to De-A** and found myself wanting to re-read the post.)