Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When an Ark Seems to be the Solution

The story? The story begins? Well if a story begins here at home today it begins wet and soggy. So wet as a matter of fact that an ark does sound like an incredibly good idea! Yes, that is exactly what I feel like-------- sure, there is not enough materials to build a suitable ark and I sure can't knit one fast enough with my recent knit-slodgeliness!!! Then that whole knit ark think would require quite a bit of pitch or something to make it float and not take on water after all. I will readily admit to not having enough technical or architectural savvy to take on a project of that magnitude.

It has been raining for days, DAYS! I am sick to pieces of it and as we all know (and shall not further mention) the winter thing was beginning to run me around the bend-----I still have a bit of Hawaiian sand in my shoes and this past season was horribly rude. There are towns to the south being evacuated for pete's sake, which I say to mean that there are a lot more serious things than my whining about my basement flooding and the lake in the backyard!!! But they ARE, and I'm really not very happy about it.

During lunch instead of eating (which was on my mind in a big way) I grabbed a salad and got a quilt/wallhanging backed and batted, pinned and pressed--- ready to be machine quilted. I've been chipping away at it and when the bunnies on the revolving seasonal entry wall come down next week I'd sure like to have a quilt to replace them, something new and fresh. It is a warm and a bit quirky-happy quilt, and makes me smile. We like that!

So when I pushed back from the computer yesterday and work was done and dinner was made (okay, leftovers from lunch if you must know) I forced myself (did you hear that??? FORCED myself!!!) to sit and work on my '2 at a Time's'. I have to say, it all went very well and it was quite nice to sit and knit for a bit. I even spent some time questioning myself just why I had so stubbornly stayed away from knitting in the first place? Knitting socks in this fashion is not a technique from the pit of hell after all, it is just different and requiring new habits. Let's not be a stick in the mud old girl! So knit I did and Tuesday evening is Guilty Pleasure Night after all!! Good old fashioned butt sittin' knittin'----starting with American Idol and moving into Real Housewives of New York City. Yeah---- thanks a lot television writers! Because of you I am now quite hopelessly addicted to crap on tv. With some knitting accomplished, at least it was a rather productive evening. "Twilight" has another inch and a half or so on the leg, I felt bad about the speed of the socks until I did remember that when these babies come off the needle at the toe, there will be a pair. Deux! I have to admit that is quite the feature! Thanks to dearest Melissa who has kindly not been nagging me or making me feel like a snarky old frumpus about my recent sock reticence. She's very wise that woman!!!

No big whoop, but on they march---- and perhaps (said in a whisper so as not to tempt the knitting gods) the knitting stalemate is broken! They actually are longer than they look, must be the camera angle.

All I have to say is that thank heavens there is knitting and quilting to talk about or I'd feel compelled to launch into my views on American Idol this season. Ack.

(Go David---- and I don't mean David the child either)

Not that I'm talking about Idol or anything...........


melissaknits said...

Those socks are so beautiful. I love them!! And you would not be the first person to toss them aside and return to find a brighter experience than the one you left behind. Totally normal.

And it is drippy, gray and gross here today. And ICY of all the stupid things. UGGH. BUT - I can use my kitchen sink at last, which is like heaven. There are rainbows coming from the drain, if you squint at it.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hate to say it but I'm glad I took a jet plane and got outta there yesterday. LOL!!! I haven't been that cold in some time. I froze!!!!!!
I did get to have my Imos, Steak N Shake and White Castle before leaving though. YUMMY!!!

Lisa Boyer said...

Stay dry! I like that David, too! I don't know who my favorite is, but I sure look forward to Jason's performance the most. He's definitely not the best singer...just the funnest to watch.

Nice socks! I really have to try that two at a time thing--the second sock is AGONY for me....

Liz419 said...

I thought I was the only one who left the beach with sand in my shoes on purpose so I could remember my visit. In college, I'd see how long it could last. It is a nice feeling to have sand between your toes and know that it comes from far away.