Monday, March 10, 2008


Life seems to be busy, and I really couldn't tell you when it happened, but it did. Sunday was spent in meetings with brides that came up at the last minute and I didn't even make it to knit group. I hate that!!!

I have been trying to land in one place long enough to accomplish anything, what I really need to do right now is accomplish something with the vacuum cleaner!

I'm in the middle of a spring bag---- and love it so far. It is in progress, the front and back are ready to be machine stippled a bit-------

Isn't it great? I'm dying to finish it, perhaps it will spur on the arrival of spring! I know that it is rather hard to see what it will look like in its' final form! Laying there all flat on the table pinned to backing and batting it really isn't much to see. Yet!

Hair cut? Oh yeah! I finally lost my too long locks and traded them in for my more standard short and somewhat textured look. I feel like me again. Think Lisa Rinna, older and not quite so fashionably svelte. Oh, and without Harry Hamlin either! Pics to follow.

On the way home on Saturday I absolutely had to wander into Hobby Lobby, don't ask me why. I can go into HL with nothing on my agenda and wander out with a full cart and a sore checkbook. Recent damage was a very sweet plaque that hangs in my hallway above the bookcase............ blessings. It struck a chord and does in fact seem like it is the rallying cry for life of late. It is a handy reminder that life is short and despite whatever feelings I might have at a particular moment, I am blessed indeed. Well and truly blessed.

I wish you all blessings as well! More than you can count and so wonderful your breath is taken away.... on top of wonderful health, and lots of love of course!


Virtuous said...

Looks like winter is defintiely still there!!

Love your new Japenese print bag!! Nice!

I really am going to CO for my socks soon! LOL

I see your sewing mojo is back on! :o)

The HL always has great stuff for the house!

Many BLESSINGS to you!!

Jenni said...

Your bag is going to look awesome!

melissaknits said...

I love the spring bag!!

dana said...

you know me. i wanna see the hair cut! great sewing. i have an ancient but very nice singer down there in the studio languishing......

you are inspiring me to give it a try. (its been serviced and everything. don't get me started on how hard they wanted me to buy a new one.....)

its no bernina for sure. but then i am no contessa!!!!!