Monday, October 8, 2007

What NOT to wear to life......

The wedding on Saturday was great, the bride was lovely, the groom handsome, the parents just fabulous. Their venues were elegant and despite it being hotter than seven hundred dollars it was a great day! Arriving at the reception at one of the most magnificent hotels in town I noticed a guest that I had seen earlier at the wedding. It was actually hard to miss her as she was wearing a red handkerchief hem dress----- cut up to there (and I mean there). In the front as well as the back. When she walked you could (and I am not exaggerating) see her underwear. The dress was bad enough just standing still with no wind, but walking??? Yikes. I have to believe that this poor dear had no idea that setting the dress in motion with her stride would make that hem dance and rise in ways that would horrify her. I kept thinking that she could not have possibly looked in the mirror when deciding to wear this dress. The photo above is taken on the roof of the hotel where they had a second bar set up. As you can see, there was a breeze which made that slutty little number do unspeakable things. Please know that I spared you the shot of her butt...... there are just some things that I don't think you need to view, your gentle imagination is plenty! You will also note that she is AT THE BAR. By 8:30 p.m. we had to call security to have her quietly removed from the party as she was totally hammered.

This dear Blitters is what NOT to wear to life. It says ugly things about you in my humble opinion and even if you are a very nice person, other humans who are traveling with you might be led to think unkind thoughts about you. Heaven knows that we really don't need a lot of help in the department of folks thinking we're a dpi short of a full set! I don't think you need a Nun's habit to negotiate life but a smidge bit of modesty is often a great idea.

Our little guest at the very least had the decency not to be all parading around at the reception at this tres chic venue in that dress with thong panties on------------- oh now that would have just elevated the whole thing to true skank!


Virtuous said...

Too funny! Cute dress but too bad for her! LOL

Jenni said...


maybe with jeansb