Sunday, October 21, 2007

Local Needle Community

Okay........... so I'm frankly delighted! Week two with local knitters found on Ravelry and happily knitting away mere blocks from my house! YAY! Today was a grand stew of projects, yarn colors and textures and wonderful people with divergent interests, it was absolutely wonderful! I worked this morning until about 2 so by the time 3:00 came around and it was time to Go Knit I was more than ready. I've found this group bubbly and warmly welcoming, so what I needed!

My knitting has suffered a bit to schedule woes, and with schedule woes comes the dreaded Hurry Knitting. Said knitting has resulted in my hat being frogged all the way back to the ear flaps, ack! I was knitting when I was too tired and by the time I got into the wave pattern it was clear that what I needed was sleep, not knitting. I hate it when that happens, but it did just the same. I can tink all day long but this was definitely more than a tink, and I'm not a neat frogger so it just came flying all the way back. So, now I'm ready to start marching up the hat again. While I have the opportunity I think I'll change the first few rows on the base of the hat though so I'm trying to think positively.

The leggings are JOINED! WOO HOO! Miles and miles of lemongrass Swish joined finally at the hips. I have a couple more rows before I begin the waist decreases, then the short row shaping for the back will happen before the waistband gets knit on. I've been thinking of that as the Butt Knitting, and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to the mail arriving next week as well. I have put off and put off a trip to actually be AT the Loopy Ewe in person because it just never happens, never. So I ordered a socks worth of Austerman Step to knit a pair of Coreolis Socks'. I'll be on an airplane a week from tomorrow and that will be a perfect travel project. Don't get me wrong, I am still dying to go to the Loopy Ewe, but I just can't let it get in my way of scoring some of their great yarn!

Photos tomorrow! I might be back with stories of the wedding this weekend as well. It was a Zoo (literally)! And NO knitting bride pics either---- I was not in the Zone at all when I left the house and didn't even grab my knitting bag on the way out the door. Shame, shame, shame.

Get Knittin'!


Virtuous said...

So glad the knit gathering went very well!

Yes I have fallen victim to hurry knitting before several times!

dana said...

you know i will beg for the wedding details...

glad you had a good knitting weekend.

Jenni said...

ravelry is awesome for meeting other knitters...isn't it? I need to go to the Austin that I have my hand back.