Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday already?

How did it get to be Monday already? And a Monday AFTERNOON? Unspeakable how the time evaporated!

Sadly, after having a great time at knitting last week with the girls I got sick. AGAIN! Can you believe it? First a cold, then a cold before I was 100% and then the flu. And I mean the flu like I haven't had in over 10 years, it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. So not only did I lose the balance of the week but I'm exhausted. To my toes. Ridiculous.

Huge wedding show yesterday, we're down to just one (thank God) a year, and that was the show from yesterday. We scaled down but it's still a consuming task. One which involves dedicating time, effort and energy to the Bride, one of the most difficult members of our species on a regular basis.

I was so sick that I did not knit a stitch, did not sew a thing, absolutely nothing was created--- pretty sad. When feeling better I did have a great idea that I made notes for. Getting back to those notes revealed to me that I must have been smoking crazy stuff or something because I'll just have to go back and try and reconstruct my wisdom---- that ever happen to you? Geez.

I'm back, I have tons of stuff to do although I'm moving through the list as quickly as possible. Why is it that crossing things off a list feels so profoundly delicious? Sometimes I add things to a list I know I can cross off just for the thrill of doing so.

Blog Updated: Crossed Off!


Michelle said...

I love making lists! Sometimes I'll add something to a list I've already done-just so I can cross it off!

Hope your back to speed soon!

Ann Konzen said...

Pooh. You had the plague too? Hope you're back up to speed soon.

chrissieday said...

Hi I too have been iller than I have ever been with flu then a cold then flu again then dizziness I did nothing for 3weeks it is still hard going
take care