Monday, January 24, 2011

A foot of sleeves

one foot------- 12 inches. Now, I know that if I were doing one sleeve at a time, I'd be done. More than done. But the two sleeve at a time knitting has reached the INTERMINABLE phase. As in, dear gravy I'm sick to bits of these sleeves please can I be done with this cardi? PLEASE?

Patience while not being one of my virtues is once again being tested. That and sheer willpower, also not a strong suit.

7 more inches of sleeves until they're almost done, the shaping looks like it goes pretty fast. But I placed a marker on SATURDAY when I actually had a weekend to devote to my sleeves. Since Saturday I have only put 3.6 inches on the sleeves. Using the "yeah but you're knitting both at once" theory, that loosely translates into 7.2 inches. Reaching still further I put forth the supposition that if I remain in my pajamas boldly knitting on without going to work or putting much needed food in the house-------- I'd be done with the sleeves in 2 days.

Seeing how I do need to get to work, and it is a killer of a week on tap, that I have no food in the house and really, I can't knit in a truly productive way: the sleeves may have a bit of plodding progress. The truth always hurts.

My goal is to get the sleeves to the shaping phase BEFORE I cast on for the Eiffel Tower shawl. Really.

Isn't she gorgeous? Yum......... and in that beautiful sterling yarn? That I have re-swatched for (yes three swatches for a SHAWL) and changed my mind about needle size.


Pooch said...

The shawl is a beauty and will be even more so in silvery yarn. I'll keep peeking in to see your progress.


ChelleC said...

That is a beautiful shawl design. Will check your progress later.

Knit Geek said...

Those sleeves are works of art! Art takes a long time to create. :)

Elysbeth said...

Sleeves, sighs deeply. But the rounds are small and they go more quickly than say... rows on the top of that shawl.

You'll get there.