Monday, May 17, 2010

Waitress Choice & Minimal Knitting

What happens when one returns from a quick trip in between rain drops to the #1 Fine Arts Fair in the good old USA? Hungry, of course.............. and in between lunch and dinner?

Art Fair first---- it was really lots of fun, beautiful treasures to look at. I have to say that if I had a big budget I wouldn't have actually come home with anything. Lots of beautiful glass this year, in delicious colors------- some fabric art at maybe one or two booths. The photography didn't jump out at me (it takes a LOT) although I might have come home with a dreamy photo of a French lavender field. The ceramics were interesting but again, nothing jumped into my heart.

So we decided we'd stop for a late lunch/early dinner and eat hearty enough so that there would be no need to actually rattle pots and pans for the remainder of the day. I do like that! We went to a favorite place, very southern foodie, too much food always and a non-chain kind of joint. Upon being seated (it was packed) I told the waitress that I normally went the chicken fried steak route but wanted her to bring me her favorite thing on the menu. There really is NO bad food.

She brought me this:

Sitting there in a field of french fries that can only be described as dinner for a small country was a burger. Not just any burger the waitress tells me, this is the most delicious thing EVER! A patty just pink on a bun, topped with (I am not lying I swear) a deep fried patty of macaroni and cheese! Yes, you read that right. Armed with a knife and fork I think I managed maybe half of it. It was pretty darned good but in all fairness, this is just not something you eat everyday. That little waitress (who was not svelte and that should have been my first clue) then asked after bringing boxes if I wanted desert. Uh................. no, but thanks!

I managed a whopping 8 rows or so on Damson. On it plods. That would be the extent of any knitting or creative endeavors that I've accomplished the past few days.

Damson is sitting on a book of paint chips------------ I'm moving (again) and pretty excited about it. Mid-July, paint colors to come.


melissaknits said...

I am trying really really hard to be positive about this mac and cheese burger thing but I have to admit it's making me a little queasy...

tina said...

Your post about queasy made me laugh. It is........ well it is a daunting menu choice. I think it will be vegetarian cuisine for a good bit!!

Anonymous said...

Fried Mac and Cheese sounds like a sinfully delicious indulgence, but I have to confess that it's never lived up to its reputation in my experience.

You're MOVING?????


Mereknits said...

When I lived in Lynchburg, Va. for a very short time, we used to go to a diner very, very late at night and have cheesy westerns. Which was a burger with a fried egg and cheese on it, with a ton of fries of course. I think my memory of it was better than it actually was. I don't eat meat now, but loved it back then. Glad you enjoyed your yummy meal.

Hope you have a great day,

Elysbeth said...

Woof...did you get a coupon for a cardiac cath with that burger? (Although I admit it looks delicious!)