Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day--- and knitting...

Let me offer a happy Mothers Day to those motherly. I've really always hated this day for a lot of reasons, most neurotic I'm sure. It seems ugly to me to force a day to be nice to the one person who made you, loved you since "go" and will be there for you. My crazy, not yours and I apologize! This MD will be spent with the "other mother" and I decided to go vintage. Good old fashioned hamburgers on the barbie on some nice toasty onion buns. She's bringing deviled eggs and I'll add some beans and a salad. The star (because desert is always the star) will be the super vintage Fruit Cocktail cake with the yummy icing that is kind of like you use on German Chocolate Cake. My Grams used to make this cake and I haven't had it in a zillion years. I think the Other Mother will really appreciate it.

The Hiroshige mitten number one is ready for Latvian Braids. Oh my. Internet research and I'll plug along.......... but not today! The color above is bluer than the actual yarn which is more lavender'ish.

And the Everyday Cardi is moving along, I'm in the pattern groove now with the help of a lot of stitch markers and a triple row counter. I really do enjoy the knit of it and love the row comprised of wrap stitches. It is certainly going to be a long haul this sweater but really, it's May and good grief we've not even had summer yet!

I was updating my Ravelry bits and forgot that I had never put a final pic of the Bella Bella's mittens here. Love these things---------- like opera gloves and mittens all in one!

Hugs to you all, motherly and not so much--- hope it is the very best of days! Now, get knittin!


Mereknits said...


you are not alone in Mother's Day not being a favorite. I love my Mom everyday, that is a given. I am lucky she is a good Mom, some aren't so lucky. Being a Mom has made me like the holiday even less. Not sure why, because I love being a Mom. I think I am a bit crazy!

Hope you have a wonderful day,

jen duncan said...

My goodness you ARE the master knitter Tina. I'm blown away by your skill!
3 of our 4 daughters texted me "happy Mothers Day" yesterday. And I got the feeling with a couple of them that I was part of a list who got the same msg! I finally remembered to call my mom at 8:15 but by then she apparently didn't feel like anewering. SO...guess the apathy doesn't fall too far from the tree. :-) Hope you all had a great time.

yoel said...

Happy mother's day! The cables on the cardi are looking juicy!