Friday, November 6, 2009

Top Shelf Where the Stockinette Goes

Hockey themed title today (aka Top Shelf)................ sorry I do love hockey! Last night I'd planned on coming home, opening a can of soup or some other easily accomplished meal and knitting while watching Gray's. Instead, imagine my joy when instead came an offer of free hockey tickets. Good ones. Hockey! Love the Blues, even when they've been struggling a bit lately. The new kid? First game in the NH*L and his first goal. Top Shelf baby!!!!!

Knitting has moved into top shelfdom as the ribbing is OVER. I recall EZ saying that the way to determine when ribbing is done when you can't bear to knit another stitch. I reached that point at about 2 3/4 inches, short of the prescribed 3". I'm okay with it, the ribbing that is there looks grand enough and I am DELIGHTED to move away from the 1x1 on those beensy 2's and enter the stockinette body on 3's. Three's! Feels like a big ole' honkin' needle and I like it.

The weekend will have too much work (including a bride to pose tomorrow) and a show on Sunday. This means that Monday will be full and I'm hoping for a breather shortly thereafter.

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