Monday, November 2, 2009

Ode to Blue #2

Too long has passed since I've knit blue, I had forgotten the relative closeness to BLACK. Ahem, magnification and illumination rule the day.

I had also forgotten how long it has been since I've been away from the heavier yarns, the chunkies, the bold and the down and dirty. Jamieson's Jumper Weight was feeling like a cobweb when I first cast on and I've already had to go in search of a finer gauge crochet hook for 'those' things that crop up.

I've cast on for Lloie's cardigan and in what seems like lightyears of knitting have managed an inch and a half of 1x1 ribbing. Mind you, such ribbing is never fast but in Jamieson's Jumper Weight and on TWO's........ well suffice it to say that the ribbing just goes on and on. And on.

Because I have vowed to ENJOY the knitting of this classic cardi, I have also promised myself not to endlessly bitch about it. Too much. I do love the yarn, not overly soft but it has a very nice softer than many shetlands feel and a nice sweet crunch (or something akin to that).

I've told myself that with another inch and a half of the ribbing I shall move onto the happy swath of the body, delightful seamless sea of knitting it shall be and on THREE's? That will feel like knitting with broomhandles, surely.

I bring you no photos, at this phase it is really beyond boring. Even to me!

I did move Valkryie off the blocking towel, it is fully dry and minus a bit of crochet around the neckline finished. I'll call the model for photos soon.

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Anonymous said...

It always seems that all projects start so slow! For some reason, the larger the piece has grown, the faster it seems to knit. I hope this will be true for you.
If you love the project, you might enjoy how long it takes.