Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I changed my mind with Thanksgiving placecards. These are still very nice------ from Martha of course. I'd started out with cute little turkeys sporting fall colored pom poms and bits of paper but just never arrived. So it goes.

The table still turned out great, now that I am dining room-less and not in a bad way. This table usually is folded in and handles my sewing machine and serger. During holiday time it shall be pressed into sturdy service. (Don't ask about the machines!) Pretty cute little turkeys on the table too, thanks Martha!

The first glimpse of the "new" kitchen, with holiday sides lined up on the counter and ready to to into the oven.

Hope your kitchen smells (smelled) as great as mine does today.............. Happy Thanksgiving!


yoel said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I was really excited about the pompom placemats...well, there's always next year. Btw, what do you do with all the decorations and things when the food goes on the table?

Siddali said...

Your table looks lovely! And your kitchen colors are absolutely stunning.