Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One down............ & apologies to THE Norah Gaughan

the back of Lexical came off the needles late last night----------yay! I had forgotten that the decreases on a raglan sleeve do seem to go on forever! I'll be casting on for a front later today, the front of a sweater always seems to zip right along after working the back.

On a related note my deep apologies to THE Norah Gaughan........... sigh. In a wild and harried moment of what was I thinking, on my way to knit with the ladies last night (wonderful as always), I grabbed NG Volume I, some yarn an needles, shoved them into my bag and dashed out the door. After my first cup of coffee and some chit chat I cast on for Astrid. Sigh. I've always loved this fabulous scarf comprised of those interesting Norah shapes. Well, apparently I'm an idiot (which perhaps comes as no surprise to some)

I brought the wrong sized needles (noticing it after I was into the second row)===== and I have to admit, starting row 1 with a yo just wrinkled my brain in a way that wasn't happening for me. With the help of fellow knitters I moved stitches, wiggled position----- and it still made me crazy. Finding out that in my super haste I had not only brought the wrong dpn's but had knit with them------ well it was just too much. Time to move on. I'll regroup, after all this scarf is completely fabulous!! I'm knitting it in a go with anything gray.

Did I mention I bought new yarn the other day? Uh huh----------- we'll talk about that later. I seriously don't know when or how I'll get it all done.


Anonymous said...

If something is going to go wrong, best to get it over with, then smooth knitting ahead.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You seems to be going at super sonic speed. Lots of projects are flying off thoses needles.

yoel said...

Yay Lustra! You're still not off the hook for modeling all these cardis you'r whipping out!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I thought you were going to say you threw it in your bag and left without paying. lolol I just knew that was what you were going to say. lol
The scarf is wonderful.