Friday, July 10, 2009

I only want to be with knit

In the spirit of the approaching all star break........... I'm ready for one as well. Studio life and brides in general seem to have worn me out kind of early in the season. I've been digging deep for energy and a bit of The Pep by listening to 60's on 6 (love me my XM) and find the old Dusty Springfield tune "I Only Want To Be With Y*ou" stuck in my head as if looped.

I only wanna be with knit. Just for a day even---------- I dream of Long and Langourous hours drinking something fruity and knitting. I have managed about 8 inches on the back of Lexical, and it is a delightful knit indeed. The bottom looks a bit curly due to the fact that there is a turning row where the bottom two inches will make that lovely facing. The second slight bit of waist shaping has been completed although it is almost too slight to detect at this point.

Hana says that she is tired of wearing her Fourth of July dress, she is already bored with this couture fashion, could she change please?

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG that Hana is tooo cute. I'm so jealous that I dont make clothes for Madeline. Hers would take too much yardage.