Monday, July 6, 2009

glam gowns & giant sweater

I admit it, I am a total sucker for bridal gowns. The good, the bad and the ugly! One of my guilty pleasures is to enjoy the annual wedding drama otherwise known as Today Throws a Wedding. I watch with fervor, vote with intent and sit back and wait. This year my second place couple was the winner.......... but they'll be fab regardless. Once the couple is chosen to marry on national morning television the excitement (for me) builds as the audience gets to vote on the gown the tux, the ring and even the honeymoon. Today was gown day and ohmygoodness what fantastic gowns they were. I confess to taking some weird pride in KNOWING my wedding gowns after all! This year the gowns were chosen for a petite and athletic bride, and all were yummily perfect. Check 'em out............

I voted for the last gown, the Anne Barge---- one of my favorite designers. I used to think she lived my life after all. From a young girl she always wanted to design gowns for brides and started her incredible career at Pr*iscilla of Boston when she just showed up at a local trunk show with an armload of sketches. I love it when that works out! From there she has had a shining career of world-wide influence and gorgeous gowns.

***On a non-glam note, Alexi the cabled cardi is together. I am NOT a happy knitter. The coat, which has been otherwise known as a boat cover on frequent occasions------ ends up being exactly that. Let's say it is wearable only when changing up the initial idea. I am not sure if I will ever wear it but youknowwho is chomping for it. AS A JACKET/COAT!!!!!! Yes indeedy, it is the length of a 'car coat' if you remember that sort of thing. Oversized and big. It is a LOT of cabledness let me tell you. I'm searching out leather toggles to close the fronts and will more than likely add some shaping by running the side seams through the sewing machine. Blasphemy to many but blitters--------- I have almost 7 months of my life in that bad girl! Enough seed stitch to turn me away for quite some time! The very best news is that it is all but DONE! I'll post photos when I've found good toggles.

Now................. finishing up the intarsia bag??? Or just continuing to knit the happy Lexical? The chicken for the moment is residing in the sewing room, still sporting double points where the tail should be!


Nancy said...

I love the Today Wedding too. I voted for number 4 also, but then I really liked the sleeves on number 3, but didn't like the foo-foo bottom part.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I vote for the dress to the far right.