Monday, September 22, 2008

Sleeping in my OWN bed

nothing like sleeping in your own bed, absolutely nothing--- and I got to do that for the first time in almost two weeks last night.

I'm still exhausted, really you just have no idea. There is a very dirty house to clean and a lawn that badly needs mowing----- my desk is stacked fairly high (although the staff here has been pretty great about dealing with a lot of it). SO, on I push.

The worst thing is that this morning when I was unpacking I realized that I did not get a knitting bride photo last weekend and it would have been the easiest thing EVER. I can't even believe it. This above all else should tell you how tired I am! I will bring a photo or two when they get unloaded cuz I know you like to peek at the brides!

Wisteria has only a couple of rows to finish the body and then finally I start the sleeves. Good thing too as I have loads I'm anxious to begin.

Some things never change!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Deep breath, resume knitting. Ah!

yoel said...

Glad you're home! There really is nothing like sleeping in one's own bed. I hope your doggies are better and happy to see you!