Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two socks make a pair & Miscellaneous Guilt

Unless I begin knitting for those with one foot instead of a pair I think I'm going to have to learn to deal with One Sock Remorse. I look so happily on my one completed sock, then I think ACK, I have to knit a twin. Double ACK. I have to say that this time is the worst case of Solo Sock Syndrome I have experienced to date. I think I have few options:

  • ignore it entirely and don't make another
  • cast it on immediately and just plow through it
  • start another project and come back to the orphaned sock
  • take a nap
  • eat M&M's

I can't eat the chocolate, it will set me off into a self pitying splurge of guilt. Ignoring my sock plight generally doesn't work for me, not does the opposite go go bunny idea. (I'm either black or white, go or stop, there just isn't too much in the middle for me). I would LOVE to start my wee sweater. Really. But frankly, I'm afraid if I do that I will never come back to this sock.

It is sort of new for me to even be contemplating that it is OKAY on some level to leave a project half-finished. Maybe it is a new me? A new phase? I'm not sure what it is but know that I'm crankily working it out.

The photo above is my new baby. I collect sewing machines and this one found it's way into the house last night. Lucky me, I had a friend who called to GIVE it away. Her friend was cleaning out the attic and didn't want it, did I? Of course I did, you can never have too many for no other good reason than just because. It isn't a Featherweight or anything, but it is a lovely machine in good working order. The pic is from that artsy angle dontchaknow....I really should have given you the full view. I don't know why I commented on the functionality of the machine, I mean it isn't like I'm going to USE it or anything. I'm going to dust it and enjoy looking at it. Well, okay I'm not exactly going to dust it either, at least regularly. Because I have a new machine that I didn't have to pay for I think that means I can take a trip to Etsy. (I know you agree!) There is a butterscotch yarn that would look scrumptious on tootsies! Of course, there are dozens of other options as well. What I should be doing is marching in to get that other pair of socks underway.

I'm not a great 'Social Knitter', are you? It seems that knitters divide into two camps, those that take their knitting everywhere and knit whenever they have a spare second and those that only knit when they are properly ensconced in their own little castle. I share citizenship with both continents, I carry my knitting everywhere (mostly because my knitting bag is so dipdog cute!) but I don't knit "with people". You know. I don't have the luxury of long meetings where I can knit and purl away, most of my work is not really Knit Friendly. And then when I'm with people, I always feel really guilty that I'm not gazing into their eyes in rapt attention. Sort of like Solo Sock Syndrome Guilt.

I really should get over it!

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SJ said...

My usual antidote to Second Sock Syndrome is to knit one sock, then knit the first sock of another pair, then come back and knit the mate to the first sock, and then knit the mate for the second pair. It's enough of a change that you get that whole new-and-exciting feeling for both socks in the pair, at least for me.