Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cat Bordhi Fan club

Oh yes............. fan club indeed, I think I might be the honorary Chief at the moment! Why, the curious Blitter asks???? I was struggling with 'that sock'............... and it was really making me crazy. I had just about decided that the whole 2 circs thing was just not going to be, not at all. It had settled into my mind about as well as high school algebra (and for those of you who do not know me, that was just a total bust!) At the end of my rope I took a big chance, knowing that many of the Knitting Notables are pretty hard to reach, much less the hope of having them actually contact you back! So, with frustrations at the forefront I sent her an email asking (begging? pleading?) for any help at all in my gusset torments. And VOILA, she emailed back! With answers! Actually, she was kind as can be, very sweet and sympathetic AND helpful! Last night (without alcoholic fortification, even though that seemed like a good idea) I barricaded myself in the sewing room and sat down with the darn sock. I even put in a lifeline of contrasting yarn 'just in case' yet again I got turned around and had to riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip back. I printed out her oh so helpful email and enlarged the font to gigundo, in red even! And as I sat there going oh so slowly, seeing what was at first glance a real mess.............. well it all worked out. Perfectly so! My socks are now crusing down the foot and soon I shall have a PAIR. I still think that part of the instructions need to say that "this is not going to look like it is going to work out with those needles all funkipated and the sock all crazy............ but it does". It does! How thrilled am I????


Thanks Cat, you are the greatest! I can't wait for the new book due out soon, and I will be there with bells on to take any class you offer! If you are that wonderful via email, you must be an absolutely incredible teacher!

That is a pic of the little garden Buddha, he's crying out to hold my gorgeous socks from the circs. If it weren't raining out there I'd hop out and we'd do the happy dance together!

I was giving some thought to making some toe up lace socks on dpi's with the new yarn....... but now I'm reconsidering!

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