Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh Elizabeth & Baby Blue

I have to confess, it has been hard the past couple of days to work on the sweater for my niece's first child, a beautiful baby boy. Don't get me wrong, I am passionate about knitting, and equally crazy (okay, almost) about her adorable child. It is just that after John-Luke this week, well, that sweet angel couldn't help but change me---- they all do. But cast on I did. I am for the most part a 'minimal stash' knitter---- at least at this point and so project selection is different for me than for many other rabid knitters. When I moved from Hawaii I left a lot of stash yarn and fabrics behind for friends, it was quite simply too expensive to ship. Plus it gave me tremendous incentive to rebuild my stash--- that doesn't come along too often.I brought just the stuff I was really zooney about. So I've been building slowly and actually USE much of my stash as it comes in. My Large Stash friends tell me I am either: a. not knitting enough or b. what the hell is wrong with me anyway and/or c. PLEASE don't tell their significant other that this is how I am merrily knitting my way through life! I didn't really want to purchase yarn for this sweater, I wanted to save a yarn purchase for something higher on the fun scale. I don't really know what that is but we've already discussed the fact that I set my own rules and this is just one of them!!! I had two choices in stash, a yellowy/ivory cotton, and this soft greeny/bluey/ivory varigated cotton/acrylic. I chose the latter. I mean, it is a baby sweater that I'm giving away to a woman who did not major in laundry. She would not lovingly hand-wash a baby sweater so it either wouldn't get worn or the sweater would be ruinedin short order. For me, it has to have some acrylic in it, much as I don't have them on the top of my list, when it comes to baby yarn this one is quite nice. So it is in the process of being knit and at the 2/3 point 'up the arm funnel' the little stinker is still on dpi's instead of more comfortably on circs. Sigh. I remember that now.

My other sock, the lonely child, is sitting on it's two circs pouting. I can hear it although it really doesn't bother me. Yet.

With two projects in the works, I joined a new group I'm really excited about AND bought yarn for it! During my (very hot) walk this morning I listened to Kelly Petkun from Knit Picks. She mentioned Julie Powell and the Julie-Julia Project............... which I've followed for a long time now being a fan of the late Julia Child as well as Julie Powell. Kelly needed focus and structure for her knitting and having just read Julie's book she decided to follow a knitting icon and do much the same thing of a year of work that gives rise to satisfaction as well as improved knitting. I have been much in the same boat so the podcast today and Kelly's solution fell on very fertile soil (and needles). I adore Elizabeth Zimmerman, I still treasure my signed copy of "Knitting Around", and purchased another copy of "Knitter's Almanac" to carry in my knit bag. I will join the Yahoo group and Kelly on this years journey of knitting one of EZ's projects a month and having wonderful companionship on the journey. I love that! Of course, the stash lace weight was one ball of pink (why is all of my stash pink, I can't figure that out!) so I had to order yarn. Being a Company Gal I ordered from Knit Picks, a lovely lace weight "Shadow", suggested by Kelley, in merino. I couldn't decide on colorways so I chose two. HEY--- remember my stash is light, it is OKAY! :) When it arrives I will decide on my EZ shawl from the Campfire Heather or the Redwood Forest, they both look very yummy.

Perhaps I'm beginning to lose the control over stash and projects that I've been so vigilant and justly proud of? Mmmmmhmmmmmm, here it comes. The sound you hear is the one of the dam bursting.

For those of you interested in the Year with Elizabeth Project, you can find a link at Kelly's blog at

I'm continuing to give thought to a project for the babies that have passed away before they have a chance to live with us on earth. I'm getting close so please stay tuned as it will be a project for all of us. Thanks.

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Dharmafey said...

I really like the Shadow--and so cheap you can get as many as you like.