Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rolling Hills

Must be time to think about the vacay knitting project because

9 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not that I'm anxious or anything.

While I still putter with the Eiffel Shawl I am planning on taking the fabulous Brooke Nico (From Kirkwood Knittery in Kirkwood MO) design, Rolling Hills Shawl. I was in the shop a while back and was blown away with the shawl in the store. It is FABULOUS. And I will further comment that the photo is yuk and phooey and does absolutely nothing for this gloriousness. The beauty is a looooooooooong (over 800 stitches cast on) stretch of lace border onto which you knit triangley shapes in different yarns it all grows together and each unit only requires about 30 yards of a yarn.

See? That's the shawl in the shop.. you'd never be tempted to slow down from that would you? The shawl has a great collar (a shawl collar, who knew?)---- that just wraps the whole thing up. 

I'm using my find from The Loopy Ewe, the Madeline Tosh merino light in "Lichen" so my shawl will be deep olives, mid greens, purples from plum to wisteria and a little bit of black and brown in the mix. 

And there with a lap full of cast on stitches (over 800 I like I said) is that very long needle and what will surely be hour long rows. Only the border I tell myself! Isn't the yarn gorgeous? You can see the range of colors that will be MY Rolling Hills. 

Of course I always coordinate my attire with my knitting! Doesn't everybody????


Robyn said...

I think of it as cast on meditation.
Knit on

~Rasz~ said...

Beautiful shawl. How does a person count to 800? And what would happen if you lost count? I guess that is why I never took up knitting? I absolutely LOVE this blog, your posts and your never-ending creativity!