Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gauge: FULL

When I left home all of my gauges were on E, E for empty, bottom baring, past the dregs empty. Em.Tee. After 2 days on the road and 9 days of bliss in Santa Fe (with a day trip or two) my gauge is on FULL, overflowing, bursting and complete, absolutely FULL for body, spirit and soul. I feel not only rested, happy and whole but creative again. Heaven! I've knit a pair of socks while here (albeit down and dirty), I've sketched and journaled, scribbled and almost filled a notebook of things I can't wait to get into my creative space and conjure up.

Yes, it is true, my daughter still living at home has taken over my creative space but I've decided while here that I'm just going to move out all of my lovelies and necessaries into the living space for a make-do space. I must.

Tonight is the last night here at casita away from home, which has been so close to heaven you can surely touch it from here!!! A fire in the kiva, some knitting while watching it snow (again!), and just relaxing in this filling place will fill the bill. A big bowl of green chili stew is a necessity as well! I'm armed with new recipes from the full tank as well, things that will also remain with me forever.

Tomorrow, Phoenix bound. Not a bad drive at 8 hours but we're supposed to get up to 4 inches of snow tonight, might make for a slow start. I'm anxious to see my Mom, to eat my favorite Mexican food on the planet (and you thought I was sick of such meals) at Lupe's and go to haunt sock yarn at Jessica Knits and see the gang. It's good to have highlights for the second half of the road trip.

Yes. Heaven.

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jen duncan said...

This made me very happy to read, Tina! I hope my upcoming getaway will at least bring me up to a quarter tank ;)