Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Contrite no Contrisstmas

It is December, December 2nd to be accurate. By this time many of the die hards have undoubtedly noticed that there is no Knitting Contrisstmas. For which I do apologize! Life has been alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) really busy, stressful, and overwhelming. It became necessary to pull up my big girl panties and make the declaration that this year, things are just going to have to be without KC. It's okay.... giving this up does allow me to take a breath and to keep plugging away at things on my desk (and beyond). So, maybe next year? We will see!

Knitting has slowed to a crawl and there will be very, very little gift knitting. So it goes. Giving up the thought that it would has also freed me to concentrate and to enjoy the season as much as I can. Tuesday night knitting group met as always last night and even though I had to duck out early, it was very nice. As a group we created the CUTEST holiday decorations for the place we meet weekly to eat and drink and knit.............. and they loved it. A strand strung with glass balls with bits of yarn, interspersed with little knitted things like a wee knitted stocking in progress hung by it's toothpick "needles", a little hat with pom pom, trees and stars and even a sweater vest and the cutest sweater that I'd love on my tree. (As if). We all forgot our cameras so I'll have to post some pics of this darling decoration next week.

Around Casa Contessa the tree is up and all holiday decor in place, it feels good.


Suzy Girl said...

Your blog looks terrific! Very festive. And those decorations sound awesome! How lucky you are to be part of such a great knitting group.

yoel said...

We are gonna go camera-crazy next week taking pictures of those ornaments!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where they ended up hanging them? Right over the liquor seems appropriate, but I'm not sure they'll be visible there. I love the new outfit on your blog, BTW!