Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Big Post Holiday Yawn

Christmas is over---- as much as I tried to slow it down it just didn't happen. As expected my son didn't make it home from NYC, boo hoo. He will arrive this Wednesday in time to spend a long weekend and to ring in 2010. I think the unexpected perk is that I need to stay out of the cookies and gingerbread in order to make sure he has enough of home goodies when he is here. And that lonely bare under the tree look has been postponed as his gifts are still bright and shining under there. (Along with my new set of BLUE Martha bowls and kitchen towels). It's going to be an aqua 2010 for sure!

All told it was a lovely few days, near perfection and I don't say that often. Even Mother Nature conspired to bring enough snow on the ground (and little on the roads) to call it a white Christmas.

Now I'm sittin' and knittin'.

Hope you and yours had the very best of times.

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PamKittyMorning said...

Here's to a creative,happy and healthy new year!!!!