Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Harmony Finale

It's funny.............. I almost feel like I'm leaving New Harmony again because the road trip posts will finish up here. Bummer!

I will make this comment and never speak of it again, I only wish that I could PhotoShop my real life rear view to improve it! Bzzzzzzzzzzt, poof. I'd be a bazillionaire! Catch the NATURAL hair! :) It is finally in it's state of lovely lightness............. many people say blonde when they first see me and I think they have slipped a cog. It is a lovely light bright gray, almost white in the front, less so in the back. For months I grew out the color wanting to see ME, the gray I've been since 23.................. I hated the roots and the old faded color clinging stubbornly to the tips. Now that the color is gone, I find that I want the tips BACK. Something fun and a bit trendy I guess. I've made the appointment for later this week, no idea what color will zip the tips.......... brown? red? black? It might just be a surprise!

There is a cemetary in town, very small and OLD OLD OLD. I love antique resting places and always have. When I lived in Mississippi years ago my Mother would come to visit and we'd go out into the countryside and wander through old cemetaries, many from Civil War times. Don't you always get a kick when you see the husband or wife burred with words saying to the effect, oh darling I'll see you later? Yet there is no one buried next to their first departed? Cracks me up, never promise what you can't deliver I say!

Looks Halloweeny doesn't it?

This sign in cement is in a brick wall on a corner in town. I love the sentiment, "A culture that does not teach prayer soon runs mad with desire." I have wondered since seeing it what they meant? Desire like your kids will get all h*oochy mama crazy????? Or they will become ungrounded and want all sorts of things like toys and crap that will plant their sorry butts in front of the tv?

Another shot of town............... the fascades of the store fronts are all so beautifully painted and kept up, even the pizza parlor!

One of the local stores has this vignette set up, tons of soft drink bottles and old chairs. Loved it!

Above is the granary, and bummer but it was locked when we walked up. One of the things related to grinding is outside in the courtyard and all of the windows have candles in the window. Electric I suppose, a nod to the present day.

And with deep sadness, it is time to head back. 2.5 hours ahead and the day is failing. We stop in the local coffee shop and I shoot out the window towards town. With our last bit of neighborly gossip and a delicious homemade Chai we set out.

I'll see you soon New Harmony----- maybe we're meant to be!


jen duncan said...

Wow Tina! I'm catching up on the 50 blog posts from the time I've been out of town...I had to stop and say THANK YOU for turning us on to this fabulous looking town. John keeps saying he wants to leave the country if Obama doesn't win...think New Harmony would suffice? ;-)

Denise~ said...

Thank you thank you! It's been just about a year since we last visited New Harmony (not for the first time).

Did you enter via the privately owned bridge? It was closed when we were there last November but we were granted permission to bike across it.

It's a lovely town! Did you walk the labyrinth? Did you notice the abundance of golf carts used in the town instead of cars?

Ohhh thank you for the walk down memory lane.